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Don't replace it - reface it!

Discover how original fixtures can be preserved with the help of sustainable home improvement solutions from PORTAS. And find out how dated doors, kitchens, stairs and windows can be transformed into stunning design features.

Our tailor-made home improvement systems combine the advantages of traditional craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing technology.

  • Interior doors

    If your interior doors are looking the worse for wear, but you can't face the hassle and expense of painting or replacing them, here's the straightforward solution:

    The unique PORTAS Door Renovation System which allows the style and surface of interior doors to be completely transformed within only one day.

  • Kitchens

    Whether you wish to improve the appearance of a dated, worn-out kitchen or simply require extra cupboard space, here's a convincing solution:

    The PORTAS Kitchen Remodelling System spares you the hassle of a complete kitchen refit. We create a dream kitchen out of your existing one - usually in as little as just one day!

  • Staircases

    If your staircase has sagging steps and worn edges which not only look unsightly, but also pose a safety hazard for the very young and the very old, here's the ideal solution:

    Thanks to the tried and tested Stair Resurfacing System from PORTAS, with its innovative technology and wide range of design options, old stairs can be restored to a beautiful, safe condition - a big plus for the whole family!

  • Stretch ceilings

    If you're tired of living with an old, cracked or timber-clad ceiling and long for a light, modern one in keeping with your current home decor, here's the innovative solution:

    Custom-made stretch ceilings from PORTAS, which can be fitted with any type of lighting system and make any room look stunning.

  • Sliding doors

    If you could do with some extra storage space to make your home look less cluttered, but you're not keen on inflexible, mass-produced cupboard units, here's the ideal solution:

    Made-to-measure sliding doors from PORTAS, allowing optimal use of space and available in a huge range of styles and finishes to suit all tastes.