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PORTAS has been specialising in home improvements for over 40 years, and we at your local PORTAS outlet are the people to contact for expert help. True to the PORTAS motto "Realising dreams - preserving value", we offer innovative, long-lasting renovation solutions.

So what can we do for you? Our experienced team will be glad to offer you advice and make your home look just how you want it to!

Before you start spending vast sums of money on new doors and windows or possibly even a kitchen refit, it's worthwhile finding out whether there are any feasible alternatives. And that's precisely what we have to offer: In addition to providing innovative renovation solutions using top-quality materials, we guarantee that the whole procedure will run smoothly, on schedule and at a fixed price agreed in advance.

We belong to the PORTAS network, Europe's No.1 Renovator, which has numerous specialist outlets throughout 15 European countries and over one million satisfied customers!

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