Old in the morning, "new" in the evening. And you'll be spared any noise or mess!

No need to worry about unforeseen eventualities: PORTAS renovates doors to perfection

Most homeowners baulk at the mere thought of renovating doors, not just because of the mess it causes. Their main reason for concern is that the wallpaper and plaster are likely to be damaged in the process, making further redecorating necessary (at uncertain expense).

You need have no such worries if you opt for a PORTAS door renovation. That's because we retain the intact core of your existing door and remodel it in accordance with your wishes. You can choose from a range of over 1,000 door models featuring easy-care surface finishes and attractive handles.

In addition, we guarantee to deliver on schedule at fixed prices - for your absolute peace of mind.

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Old in the morning, "new" in the evening. And you'll be spared any noise or mess!

Following a free consultation with your local PORTAS specialist, we allow you plenty of time to mix and match design components from the hundreds of options only PORTAS has to offer.

Once you've made your choice, no time is wasted. Your old doors are picked up by our service fitter in the morning and returned in the evening looking as good as new. And you can rest assured that you'll be spared any mess in your home.

What's more, PORTAS door surfaces are very easy to clean and shock-proof!

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The benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for all types of door
  • Renovation completed in just one day
  • No extra expense for replastering or wallpapering
  • Huge choice of models
  • High durability
  • Easy to clean, shock-proof and abrasion-resistant

Interested to know more? If so, click here to view some sample models from our extensive collection.

Here's what our customers say about PORTAS door renovations

"We won't have to paint our doors every again! The PORTAS renovation system has completely won us over. Our doors and frames looked like new within a day - and there was no noise or mess!"

"It's incredible how PORTAS has transformed my doors. Now they not only look fantastic, but are also very easy to clean!"

"PORTAS is a real winner! An expert renovation carried out on schedule, impeccable service and a stunning result!"

"PORTAS offers a genuine alternative to buying new. With over 1,000 different door models, I was spoilt for choice. Now my doors are a perfect match with my furniture!"

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